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VALLONESWORLD.COM has looked back through the rich history surrounding the holiday of hearts and flowers.
We've uncovered some interesting historical facts and vintage symbols of the season that we'd like to share with you.
We also have lots of fun things to see and do.

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How have Valentine's changed through the years?
What is our favorite Valentine candy?
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Saint Valentine...When You Care to Send the Very Best

The patron saint of love...good old Saint Valentine.  So who was he, and what does he have to do with chocolate hearts?  Hmmm....For this question, we did some research and found that there really was a St. Valentine.  In fact, there was more than one St. Valentine!  No, no....This is not like at Christmastime when you can find more than one Santa.  We all know those are really all Santa's helpers.  There was only one Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children.  Catholics around the world agree that Santa Claus is the incarnation of the one and only Saint Nicholas.  They don't all agree, however, on who Saint Valentine was.  Surprisingly, when we look back over the lists of saints, we can find no less than three Saint Valentines!  There is no real evidence to point to which one was really the saint who inspired the holiday.  Each were minor saints, who didn't seem to have done anything as awe-inspiring as sneaking toys and gifts into the homes of poor children during the course of a winter's night.  One St. Valentine was a Catholic priest who was actually imprisoned for helping "criminals" who had been sent to jail for confessing their faith in public.  This particular saint lived in Rome in the third century A.D. and was said to have been corresponding to a caring woman outside of the prison through letters.  In some of the notes he penned to the woman, he is said to have ended his letter by signing "Your Valentine".  This seems to be one explanation as to how the tradition of exchanging "valentines" began.  Saint Valentine met his demise by an unfortunate means.  He was publicly beaten and beheaded as a lesson to others who may have been considering adopting and professing his unorthodox Christianity.



What's So Special About February 14th, Mr. Hallmark?

Many historians believe that this time of year was chosen to honor St. Valentine because it is the time of year when "love blooms" in nature.  February 14th was believed to be the day that birds selected a mate.  This day was chosen to celebrate love and the courtship in the fifteenth century, and possibly became associated with Saint Valentine because of his good deeds and his tradition of sending his "Valentine letters".  The practice of sending letters eventually blossomed into the tradition of creating wonderfully decorated letters that are to this day still called "valentines".  Before commercial printing presses were in use, valentines were unique and highly ornate - decorated with handmade lace, real flower petals, precious stones, and other treasures.  By the early 1900's, valentines could be purchased for the giving - complete with a ready made verse professing one's love and admiration for the receiver of the card.  Soon, store-bought valentines reflected the changing times and emotions of the twentieth century, and now provide us with a historical time capsule of those times.





















Candy...The New Symbol of Love?

With few folks taking the time to hand-decorate their valentines, modern society finds a way to express it's creativity with sugar. Of course chocolates are a favorite to give on Valentine's Day. Sweets have always been a medium for expressing one's love or gratitude. Chocolate has always been a prized gift. At one time in certain cultures, chocolate was so prized that it was even a form of currency! On Valentine's Day, fancy chocolates are packed inside of a heart-shaped box that has itself become a symbol of love and the holiday. The traditional lace, flowers, gems, and ribbons have adorned candy boxes sold by famous chocolate makers for decades and provide a keepsake symbolizing the love of the giver long after the holiday is over. The style of decoration and materials used can often provide clues to the era in which the box was made. Candy maker Necco created history inside the box when they marketed the candy conversation heart in the early 1900's. Small candy hearts with "sayings" stamped onto them evolved from simpler conversation candies that had their message printed inside the wrapper. Through the years, the candy messages have changed with the times, and humorously reflect pop culture through the decades. Traditional words like "Be Mine" and "Kiss Me" have modern equivalents such as "Fax Me" and "Whatever!" New phrases are added every year while older and outdated phrases are retired. The reason? Times and perceptions change. A popular verse from the 1920's complemented "You are Gay"......It could be a confusing sentiment today if presented to one's betrothed.


 Visit the Necco candy website and see how conversation hearts are made!


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