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Family Reunion

Vallone Reunion, 2014

Media Downloads

This page contains the media files that were presented at the 2014 reunion.  I have converted the slideshows into Windows video files to share on the web. I'll also continue to add individual hi-res photos and sound files.  If you have additional video files, I can host them on my server and link to them here as well!  Contact me with any questions at .

Please be patient as these are rather large files and could take a couple of minutes to download before they open and start.  They should start to play automatically on Windows Media Player.  If you are viewing the site on an iPhone or iPad, you will need to have an application installed that will play .wmv files.  I recommend installing Media Player Pro for iPhone and iPad.  It is a FREE app and has amazing features, including the ability to change the size, speed, and color aspects of  the video as you are watching it!  Click here for a direct link to download Media Player Pro to your iOS device now.  It should only take a minute or two.

Right click & 'Save As' to download a copy of any of these media files or just click to open and enjoy!

Video Slideshow Presentations Audio & GEDCOM Files High Resolution Photographs

For many of the past 50 years, I've been
gathering photos, and first and
second-hand accounts of the stories of
our family.  A few of the photos were
handed down from my Great-Grandparents
to my Grandparents in Sicily before they
made the trip to America.  The old photos
became worn, torn, and tattered over the
decades but with the miracle of Photoshop,
I've been able to repair many of them to share
with you.  I've spent years researching
family history using everything from Italian
and American birth, marriage, and death
records to old phone books. I've interviewed
many surviving descendents by phone
and in person to create an extended family tree
reaching back into the early 19th century.
As the family grows faster and farther apart,
it becomes terribly obvious that this is still
very much a work in progress!!


Vallone Family Scrapbook

In 2008, I made the trip to Valledolmo,
Sicily, where Rosario and Maria were
born and raised before coming to
America.  You will see the homes
they lived in and the town they called
home back in "The Old Country".  In the
early 1970's, I tried to interview Grandma
about Valledolmo and she just kept
repeating "...the poor people" when
remembering how very little they had
and how hard life was where they came from.


Grandpa Rosario had a brother, Luigi
and a sister, Loretta who both also came
to America around the turn of the 19th
century.  They  also raised their families
in Rochester and were part of the
extended Vallone family.  They are all burried
together around the same headstone
at Holy Seplechure Cemetery in Rochester.

Luigi & Antonina

Loretta & Calogera

Rosario & Maria

Rosario and Maria rasied nine children on
Pennsylvania Ave.  There is a slideshow
focusing on each family based on the
photos I have available to me.

Joe & Mary

Frank & Ange

Pino & Lucy

Clara & Joe

Peggy & Joe

Mary & Ray

Tony & Grace

Virginia Genet

Donald & Dolores

The next slideshow focuses on the family
homestead, where generations of happy
memories were made.  I've tried to gather
all of the photos that show the house as
the backdrop for those memories.  Do you
have a particularly vivid memory or story
about the house that you can share?  Please
share it on our private Facebook group page!!

270 Pennsylvania Ave

The following 8 audio tracks were
recorded by my father, Donald Sr.
at various family gatherings
around the kitchen table
at 270 Pennsylvania Ave with
a reel-to-reel tape recorder (c. 1962).


1. Grandma Mary Singing

2. Grandpa Rosario Singing

3. Grandpa Rosario Singing

4. Family Singing 1

5. Ann Marie Cortese

6. Family Singing 2

7. Family Singing 3

8 . Aunt Virginia Singing

If you would like to view or
download the current family tree,
there are multiple formats below
to select. If you have a genealogy
program, you can import the
"GEDCOM" file (an acronym standing
for GEnealogical Data
COMmunication).  I am currently using
an app called "Heredis" because
it works on both Windows PC and
Apple iOS!  If you don't have a
program to view that, you can just
download the "PDF" file.  Thanks to all
who made updates to the tree at
the reunion!  Please be aware that the
files below may not yet reflect those
changes!!  If you have additional
changes, feel free to email me a note to:

Vallone Family Tree File:




Joe & Mary Chimera
Pino & Lucy
Mary & Ray Wedding
Clara, Joe, & Mary Ann
Frank & Ange Wedding
Virginia, Donald, Tony
Virginia, c.1939
Peggy & Joe
Italian Cookies
Canning Tomatoes
Christmas, c.1964

Vallone Picnic, 1995



 Lights, Camera, Action!

Here's a sampling from the slide show featuring highlights of over a half-century of Vallone memories.









BELOW LEFT: Stephen Russell Vallone with his family in 1998 (Stephanie, Andrew, and Russell).  Steve currently lives in Hilton, NY.

BELOW RIGHT: Donald Joseph Vallone, Jr. with his wife Amy in 1998.  Don is living in Webster, NY.




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