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Great-Grandma Garrison, c.1950



"Remember who you are!"

Muriel and William Garrison, c. 1945 & 1985 



William and Muriel Garrison's children: Mary Lynn, Janice, Susan, and William Jr. (c.1959)



The extended Garrison Family at a 1997 get together!

Top row, left to right:  Bill Garrison, Dianne Garrison, Jason Reinhard, Morgan Semenchuk, Danielle Semenchuk, Susan Semenchuk, Jan Thorn, Gregory Semenchuk, Amy Thorn, Dave Thorn

Middle row:  Billy Todd Garrison, Mary Lynn Reinhard, Jaime Reinhard

Sitting:  Kelly Garrison, Grandma Garrison (Muriel), Carrie Thorn, Maggie Reinhard, David Reinhard, Danny Garrison

Missing:  Nicole Semenchuk, Trevor Semenchuk


Amy with Grandma in 1999 on one of the many occasions she took us to her favorite restaurant, The Freehold Inn


Jason & Courtney's Wedding
November 29th, 2002










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