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Newsflash: August, 1999

Congratulations to Amy (and Don?) as they celebrate the arrival of their bundle of joy!!

     Amy and Don have just finalized adoption procedures and ask you to help them welcome a cute little newborn into their family.  Their family addition now weighs 5 pounds and is learning her name.  She is just 6 months old and already can walk and even run through the house, jumping over and through any obstacle that gets in her way!  Although, at first, she was leaving little packages all over the house, she has now learned to do her "business" in the bathroom like a big girl.  Her name is Autumn, and here is the first official photograph of the latest addition to the Vallone family waving a big hello for the camera:


O.K. Autumn is not quite human.....but our kitty is just like a newborn baby!

After a long day of playing and snacking, there's nothing like a cozy spot on the carpet to sit back and relax to plan the evening's schedule of mischief . . . . .



UPDATE, March 2001:

Autumn is almost 2 years old now.  She's a fat, lazy thing with too much fur and too many sharp claws.  Stay tuned for exciting news on the de-clawing operation and haircut day!


UPDATE, July 2001:

Autumn is still waiting for bath day, but she's slimmed back down to her kitten-ish figure and finally lost those nasty front claws that spent so much time embedded into the living room sofa!  She took the surgery like a little trooper (understanding that it was in her best interest), and quickly recovered without any personality changes.  In fact, now she is even more lovable and desirous of human contact.  Autumn highly recommends the procedure to all of her feline friends.


UPDATE, September 2002:

Autumn is anxiously waiting for her first bath in three years . . . . . YEAH, RIGHT!


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